Which is Practical and Approved – Flipping or Rotating Your Mattress?

Does it really matter to flip or rotate your mattress? The answer is YES! You should do either or both. Rotating or flipping your mattresses can be a treat to your health and life. Because once you flip or rotate it, you might get the exact firmness you got the first day. This is because we usually sleep or sit on one side of the bed, the other side of the other part of the mattress remains unused. If you continuously use one side of your bed you’ll end up pushing pressure on that side which can destroy its structure.

This article will guide you on how to flip your mattress or rotate or which of them is better.

Flipping vs. Rotation:

Flipping means turning your mattress over so you can use the other side of it as well. Flipping is for mattresses that allow sleeping on both sides. Rotating, on the other hand, means turning your foam 180 degrees so you use other sections of the mattress as well.

Mattress Rotation:

Not every mattress can be rotated. The mattresses that should be rotated comes with a rotation or flipping instruction and mattress type reviews. Some mattresses are made to face a certain side of the bed, these mattresses cannot be rotated as they won’t fit in.

  • Mattresses should be rotated every once in three months
  • It is suggested to mark or note the side of the bed that is rotated to avoid confusion and re-rotating on the same side.
  • Generally, the mattresses that allow rotation are memory foam mattresses, innerspring, hybrid mattresses, and latex foam mattresses.
  • Don’t forget to clean the unused side of the bed before using it.

Mattress Flipping

Mattress flipping can be a great idea because it allows you to sleep on the unused side of the bed, but some factors need to be considered.

Can all mattress be flipped?

Some mattresses can be flipped, but modern mattress companies don’t suggest flipping. These modern mattresses are built with multiple layers, each layer has a different material that serves a different purpose, and these mattresses don’t serve well if flipped.

Mattresses like gel or memory foam mattresses are also not meant to be flipped because in the case of memory foam, the first layer of foam is memory foam and other layers are poly foam that is made to support the memory foam. Sleeping on the polyfoam can cause discomfort. Similarly, In the care of gel foam, the top layer is made of gel which maintains the body temperature. If you flip the mattress you will not only destroy the gel layers but will feel restless.

Method of flipping:

Flipping a mattress is more complicated than rotation because, in a mattress which has inner springs, by flipping without rotation, the springs might break inside.

To avoid these problems, one must follow these tips:

  • After you remove your mattress, make sure you vacuum the bed-side and areas beneath the bed.
  • Check the other side of the bed to see if it has any kind of mold, mildew, bugs, or any tears.
  • Clean the mattress with a vacuum to clear it out of dirt or dust.
  • Don’t forget to rotate the mattress 180 degrees before placing it.